Little Stories and the Occasional Confession

1. I have high expectations during my commutes around the city. I’ll give a stink eye to the cars who block the bike lanes in half-hearted attempts to cross on an almost-red light, but occasionally the stink eye will be directed at me for riding  up the sidewalk to get to the nearest bicing station. Woops.

2. Sometimes, my “thank you” means “I love you.” When I was little, I had a mental block for years against saying “I love you” back to my family members. For an otherwise warm and affectionate kid, I just couldn’t do it. So I took to saying “thank you” instead of “I love you.” Now at the end of the odd phone call, I’ll say “thank you” and this has been confusing for some…”Thank me for what?” But, it just means what it did when I was five.

3. I have a leetle tingle in the back of my throat and I am rearry hoping that it goes away or turns into a more agreeable light cold before I go home. Somebody call the waaaambulance.

4. I went to buy my [drinking] glasses this week at Plats i olles. After talking with the owner a bit, he told me that the business had been in the family since 1929. First it was his grandfather’s, then his uncle’s, and then his dad’s. And that huge crack in the wall? [Pauses to light his cigarette.] That was from the bombs dropped on Barcelona during the civil war, and no, it doesn’t pose structural risks so they’ve never fixed it (or repainted?) It is the funniest little shop-I imagine the merchandise hasn’t changed in the last 30 years because 95% of it is stuff you would find in a Catalan grandma’s house. The extra 5 % is books, because, he also sells books (probably just to feed his own passion for American thrillers).

The crack in the wall isn’t the only thing that needs fixing. There were two glass panels missing in the door that connected the shop to his living room, so he was a little distracted by the smell of his wife making dinner…

photo 2-58

photo 3-55

5. The glasses have received mixed reception at home. They’re, as the box says, 7.75 oz, even though they look small. Here, they’re usually used for wine, but I’ve also seen them used to serve gazpacho and natillas (pudding) with a galleta maría on top (basically, a round graham cracker). I think they’d also be handy for ice cream. No, there’s nothing really special about them, but I do think the shape is kind of cool. So, at our next dinner pah-ty, expect your wine to be served in one 🙂 Or, your ice cream.

See the small glass with a lime inside? That’s the one! To make a set, I am hoping to get the mid-sized glasses too. (The largest is .5l…a PINT!)

photo 1-63

6. My bags are packed to go home! It feels like Christmas to me. I don’t have BIG plans, but I am looking forward to a little change of scenery and getting time with my peeps. I want to be ready to come back, too, so the withdrawal doesn’t hit me like after Mexico, but all in due time, grasshopper.

Okay. Off to other things! Thank you 😉


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