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The view from my room around 7 in the evening…

I can’t believe it’s Friday! I’ve had intentions to write something here since Monday, but I kept thinking that if I waited one more day, I’d have more things to talk about. I suppose that’s true? But then I just forget the details of the other things, so I think it’s thirteen in one, baker’s dozen in the other.

I can proudly report that I did follow through on my “Be more social!” initiative. I found two great pilates classes to go to…and even better they actually met. Curiously, both of the teachers were British. Where are my pilates-doing Catalans?!

The first class was timed at the gorgeous sunset hour of 7:45 pm, let by an enthusiastic, lady-killer instructor who would point his finger at us at various points in the class and say “Nice, So-and-so.” Since we were on our towels (okay, most people had actual mats. I was on a towel) under the palm trees by the W-Hotel down by the beach, a fair number of hotel guests spotted our awesome teasers. I’m sure the guy in the shiny new Ferrari was especially impressed (or was it supposed to be the other way around?) At 8€, the class was a steal and I’m already signed up for next week. As an added bonus, I met and exchanged numbers with a friendly italiana who was also more on the hunt for friends than a six-pack. If all goes according to the un-plan, we’ll meet up for a coffee or a walk sometime soon.

photo 2-55

Class two was on Tuesday. The adorable instructor led us through Garuda, a London invention of what I’ll call “pilates fusion.” I loved it! After being through many classes of “classical pilates” in the States and seeing my mom’s pilates training (from a healthy distance), I can have opinions on how an instructor is doing. BUT! If it’s a class that I’ve never tried, I’m probably just going to love it because I won’t know if you’re doing things out of order. (This is when you should probably say: “Since when have you tried to do everything in order?” Ok. Probably never.) After class, I got her email to see when she might be teaching again. Seems like not until September…but, at least I tried!

Wednesday’s experiment was going to a movie with A., my roommate, and a friend of his at the Centre de Cultura Contemporànea de Barcelona. Keeping with the week’s British theme, it was a film from the U.K. called Weekend. I’ll call it a non-hegemonic, non-happy ending love story. I liked it much more than I was expecting! Plus, we watched it outside! If there is something cool August nights (I know! Really! It hasn’t been miserably hot here this month) is good for, it’s outside movie watching, preferably in very pretty inner courtyards of old buildings that also have nice bathrooms with soft TP.

photo 3-52

And on Thursday, I went to the climbing wall. Woohoo! I didn’t start any conversations there, but I did enjoy a nice Moth podcast on my way up to the climbing tunnel and the physical activity always does a body good. (For real: after two pilates classes and a little climbing this week, I’m feeling the good circulation!)

photo 4-41

In the evening, La Foixarda is PACKED! But more than half the people are just sitting around talking, so there’s plenty of space to climb.

Today’s main highlight has been buying PB. The jars are ridunkulously little…250 grams…roughly enough for 3 pb & js (kidding. maybe 4)…with the price working out to be like $8 for a normal 16 oz jar back in the States. But I’ve decided that having PB makes me happy and it is a small indulgence. So I went for it. So there.   

Also, a note on style in this post: it doesn’t have much, literarily speaking. Some blog posts are like that. I’d say this post reflects what my internal chatter sounds like…constant, ramble-y, reflective, cautiously optimistic…

I think I’m going to clean the floors (my chore for this week) and go read some more. Tonight, I will either be social and stroll with the roomies or go to a movie. Time will tell. Hope your weekend brings you many small delights!

(And one small terror: this lovely gem was sent to be by the one and only D. this week. [side note: Snake eyes would be horrifying on dogs.] What better way to show you care than by sending endearing animal photos? )

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