I feel sLOVEnia

Today’s title comes from the tourist tagline, as seen on magnets and other “collectibles.” The truth is, though, there is a lot to love about Slovenia and the three nights we’ve been here have been relaxed and enjoyable.


We have had several SPECTACULAR sunset flights. I don’t love flying, but I can appreciate a good view..

As mentioned in the last  post, we waited around for-EVAH for our 40 minute flight to Loob-lee-ah-nah (Ljubljana). Transport to our apartment was swift, thanks to T., one of the women who works in the lab here who picked us up. We are conveniently located right across from D.’s temporary lab and on the same block as a humble café and the small dining room of the Jozef-something research institute. I am totally amazed by the machine in the lobby that sells coffees (of every make and model) for 30 cents! For real. This could start a revolution at UNC…

On Monday, we had lunch with T. and A. at the dining room and in the afternoon, I wandered to TIvoli park and to the delightful downtown area. The vast majority of the souvenir shops are very sophisticated, seemingly right off the pages of Pinterest. The cobbled streets, riverside cafés, and charming old-ish buildings (I think most things here were rebuilt after an 1890s earthquake) give it a loverly European character. And, though it’s hot, I haven’t really felt hot thanks the low humidity and gentle breezes.



Feels Alp-y, European-y

After walking around all afternoon, once D. was off, we decided to walk back to the city center so he could check it out. The goal was dinner, but the place I had picked out was full, so we wandered some more. Patiently, we looked for the unicorn restaurant; the one that looks local, but accessible for non-natives, has a menu with most main dishes under 10€, and outdoor seating. After a three hour tour (okay. So that was just Gilligan’s tour. We walked for maybe an hour or so), we found the diamond in the rough and I picked a tremendously tasty 3.80€ pizza off the Slovene-only menu. By the time we got home (a mile away from the center), I was p-to-the-ooped.

Tuesday morning, we kept with our routine: breakfast at the café, I worked/piddled at home, D. worked/piddle not-at-home and we met for lunch at a new place. I didn’t have any walking juice left in the afternoon, so I read a few articles to occupy myself.

Around 5, while the weather still look promising, T. took us on a 40-minute drive to Lake Bled. One side of the lake is as beautiful as the pictures…the other side is dotted with a few unfortunate hotels. BUT, the ice cream was fresh and the water was warm.


The church near where we parked…after searching for a spot for 20 minutes.


A shot carefully framed to cut out the hotels on the left…


Lake Bled: The Dry Exhibit


Clouds rolling in…

And then…like in a bad country song, the thunder rolled and the lighting strike-d. And, because we were parked on the other side of the lake, we had to walk in the rain. Thankfully, T. offered to trudge the rest of the way back to the car and pick us up. I suggested we turn on the heat in the car because I was one goosebump away from turning into a real goose. I was a little dismayed when her idea of heat was 22 degrees C…71 F. I was looking for more like 85, but you can’t win at everything.


A rainbow BEFORE the storm.


Lake Bled: The Wet Exhibit

We stopped at the local Merkator-a cross between a grocery store and Ah-nold Schwarzenegger-to pick up some eggz and bread for dinner and that was that.

Today, we’ll have dinner with some of the lab people here and if I’m really on my game, I’ll make it back downtown between now and then. For now, I think I need a nap.


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