Valencia and Super Moons and Good Ice Cream

Brevity is noy my strong point, but I’ll try to keep this short and sweet, with just little bits of what’s happened in the last two weeks or so. 

A. arrived in Barna and made her way around the city for a couple of days. On my part, her visit involved ice cream, stops in the cathedrals, and endless conversations about who knows what. A also tried Spanish horchata for the first time, which is quite different from the rice-based Mexican variety. 

We also almost missed our train to Valencia thanks to a half-hour delay on our Rodalies train…a copper robbery, we were later told. We got to the station late, but thankfully, our train to VLC was held up, too! We went to get our tickets printed, since we were in theory our train should have left already, and the customer service guy kindly, and humorously, remarked, “Yes. Today has been a catastrophe.” 

Valencia treated us to the bluest skies and gorgeous sunsets…and paella!

Breakfast at the Central Market in VLC

photo 4-23

Sunsets on the Río Xúcar

photo 2-30

How I think of VLC:

photo 2-29




Getting a little fried by blue skies and long walks and modern architecture.

photo 5-18


I wasn’t kidding about the blue skies!

photo 1-36

During the week, I went to class. I’m loving what I’m learning and it’s helping me connect some dots. I think it will be MUCH more enjoyable reading in Catalan now that I know some grammar, officially!

This past weekend was R.’s birthday. He stayed at M.’s house down in La Barceloneta and we took full advantage of the great location to stop at Baluard, a delicious bakery, and walk up the beach-walk a few kms or so. When the restaurant I was hoping to go to for his b’day (Tatarantana) was fully booked, we backed up and found a delicious arepería near Carrer Princesa and indulged in Venezuela corn-cakes stuffed with chicken and avocado. They are not too big, but HOLY cow, after just one, I was stuffed. Maybe the carbonation in the beer added to that? Either way, they were spectacular. 

We watched, or rather R. watched, the World Cup final at M. and P.’s house on Via Augusta and I was thrilled when they brought out Ben and Jerry’s for dessert! Nothing like having Thai-food with two Valencians and one Dutchman, while Argentines and Germans kick a ball on TV…and then, end things with American ice cream. Here’s to good mixes!


Barcelona’s Super Moon. It was a little small. But, still, it was beautyfull.

photo 4-26




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