A few recent things…

It’s raining now and I’m home in a quiet house, with my favorite tea, contemplating an afternoon Pilates video, and enjoying the solitude.

When you are on a beautiful island, full of rinconcitos [little corners] to explore, it can be hard to say, “I think I’m just going to stay in this afternoon and do my thing.” Yet, the more time I spend abroad, the more I realize that it’s important to do what makes you feel whole wherever you may be, which for me means an afternoon blogging, reading, and that kinda schtuff.

So, other things that have happened recently.

1. A walk down to the beach, from Binigaus Vell to the beach via Camí de Cavalls, the horse trail that circles the island. When I got to the beach, I dipped in the water, up to my waist, and then went for a lemonade-beer (called a clara) and a slice of almond cake at the bar by the beach. Sounds painful, I know.

photo 1-30

2. Walked down to the port to see the AMAZING sailboats starring in the weekend regatta. It was fun to see the port buzzing with activity and not the dull roar of the dredging machine that works 24 hours a day…

Words that came to mind: Beautiful. Money. Curly haired sailors. Holy Cow. Expensive hobby.

photo 2-24

3. The next day, we were lucky enough to stop at the right picnic spot…in the distance, the boats (and the curly-haired sailors, now, unfortunately, out of sight.)

photo 3-23

photo 4-19

4. Looks can be deceiving. The water is glacial. And there are jellies. Ask me how I know (one stung me).

photo 5-14

5. Why can I not remember the names of these beaches? Anyhoo. This was a nice walk. And R. really liked the cloud behind me, hence the photos. And, just for the sake of tradition, here is this year’s wildflower bouquet. 6. I sat at this beach and listened to Rick Steves talk about Paris on his podcast. They mentioned the book “Stuff Parisians Like,” which sounded amusing enough.

photo 4-18

photo 3-22


photo 2-23



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