Spring Things

Today, I officially turned in my M.A. thesis. WooHOOO! It almost felt as if I knew what I was doing, but let’s not get too confident here. Since we last talked, I made a few trips to VA (including visits to T. and the super star of the family, R., who was in a show this spring) and I’ve attended two of three lovely events to celebrate Y. and K. (event three of three, their wedding, will be happening in about two weeks!)

I also got hooked on three BBC shows (¡Gracias, Netflix!); my favorites were “Sherlock” and “Midwives.” A little mindlessness helps to balance out our more brainy moments, right?

There’s still no word on the summer funding I applied for (might as well accept that as a “no”, though I would be thoroughly grateful to end up with a surprise!) That said, I’ve still booked my tickets to Spain for the summer and I couldn’t be happier to dip my toes in the Mediterranean and learn enough Catalan to be a big phony. (My late grandfather will always be known for his saying, “If you’re going to be a phony, be a big one.”)

Finishing up the school year + fun travels with girlfriends + feeling “settled in” for my next few years at UNC + some crazy Pilates classes = Great spring things! Hope you, too, have been enjoying the best of the season.


Telling jokes with T. 


The loveliest spring shower imaginable


“Footloose!” with T. (R. is taking a bow with her co-star!)


Girls’ weekend in C-town. Beautiful!



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