Snowed in.

Snowed in .

That was the theme of the past few days. On Wednesday morning, we all knew they were calling for snow. But, like clockwork, at one p.m. the snow came and stuck. I was already at home, warm and delighting in the cotton puffs falling from the sky. Many students, however, were still on campus, now as stuck as the snowflakes themselves because the last buses left too full for them to hop on board. 

I got a message and my first two stranded guests were en route to my house, looking for a tea and some heat. Later, it became clear that one other friend would also not be making it 45 miles home to Greensboro when she had moved little over a half mile in the previous hour. 


So, we did what any logical people would do: opened a bottle of cheap red wine, found a half-decent [and half-bad] movie on Netflix and made the only thing I had in my pantry that would feed 3-risotto. Pancakes emerged the next morning in a miraculous breakfast event-edible, filling, and most importantly available

A. made her escape around 11 am and arrived home in one good piece. Snow in North Carolina? Weird. Two days off school? I won’t argue.

The scene mid-day Thursday…


In other news, there’s been a little traveling happening and a little traveling being planned. Charlottesville was on my list to visit the mad-man that is my brother after he ended up in a less-than-comfortable place after a motorcycle accident. I’m glad to report he is on the road to recovery. Pun sort of intended.

T: snoozing…The rest of us: up to no good




Can’t visit home without checking on the neighbors…


Next weekend, I’ll be in Florida, hopefully soaking up 36 hours of sunshine (considering it’ll take 24 hours to travel there, I think I deserve it.) It will be my first (of who knows how many) conference presentation and as they say in Spanish, I expect cuatro gatos (lit: 4 cats, fig: no one) to be there. At the very least, it’ll be a little adventure. 

At school, I’ve passed round one of exams and round two will be at the end of the month. I’m also hoping to hear back from an application for summer funding for Spain in the next few weeks. That would be exciting. But, let’s be real, I’d go anyway, funding or not. 

The departure of visitor #1.ImagePeace, warmth, and vitamin D to all of you! (and me!)


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