Thanksgiving (x2)

This year, we celebrated Thanksgiving twice. Actually, perhaps even more if we include the number of times I ate leftovers.


(After a rainstorm. Behind my house. Not my barn. 🙂 )

I got to do a little tour of the best of C’ville; downtown perusing granola-crunchy shoe shops, rainy walks on “the Grounds”, half-studying/half-people watching at a cute coffee shop in Crozet, expeditions in the backyard, etc.. And, I did laundry. Lots of it. Fo’ free.


(UVa: The Grounds)

My mom invited a Tim and I (and three friends, P., P. and L.) for drinks and nachos [¿!?] at the Boar’s Butt the night before Thanksgiving. Sitting in big, leather easy chairs, we soaked in the stodgy atmosphere and livened it up with borderline inappropriate conversation and loud cackles.


A few hours later, at 8:30 am, we were off to D.C. to have T-giving brunch downtown at a club to which my grandfather used to belong. It was a little stuffy, but an excellent cultural event, nonetheless. The family was [nearly] all there and it’s always nice to be in touch for more than just weddings and funerals.

The wine and jazz music continued at our own family Thanksgiving later that night. Somehow, we managed to keep our jeans buttoned for the annual Christmas card photo shoot the next day. On the trampoline.


Goal accomplished. Thanksgiving blog done before traveling for Christmas. Happy holidays, bones festes, felices fiestas mis amigos.


(The only two pictures in which I managed to jump a hair higher than T. and R.)



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