Aside from a freak warm day, NC has cooled down. The clocks have been set back an hour and my long wool jacket is on and off several times a day (made speedier by the fact that it’s missing a button.)

One of the most lovely places the jacket and I have gone was to Memorial Hall to see a concert last Thursday. A bluegrass-type group (Trampled by Turtles) put on a great show to a fancy theatre full of college students (and a few graduate students too, just to mix a little gray hair in with the blonde).







Another lovely place to go? To class at 8 am. Sounds painful, but the light in the morning is so beautiful that it’s like watching that guy with the ‘fro paint the world for me every morning.

It’s cold and my students are tired, but I’d say it’s worth it. I think they finally get me…even though there’s only a week or two left in the semester.
We’ll get there. Happy Fall!And, in warm weather news, plans for Argie-land are shaping up…Waterfalls and horseback rides and visions of alfajores (little caramel cookie things) dance in my head as I half-heartedly study for exams.


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