I think I got lost somewhere. Up there in the Fall sky, maybe?

Maybe it was in the soup pot where I made butternut squash something-or-other?

Maybe it was in the back of my closet where I left my passport (and thus all of those travel stories that usually end up here)?

Maybe it was on my desk, resting next to the countless pages of books I’m reading aspiring to read?

Anyway. I stopped blogging and there could be any number of reasons. But, time to dust off this old thing and leave a few stories on the interwebz again. Plus, I was lucky enough to get a new computer, which means I need an excuse to get into iPhoto again.

Highlights from the last few months:

August 31st: Marge gets married in what was surely the nicest ceremony to ever follow a rainstorm.

October 8th: The spirit moves me and I buy tickets to Argentina. My friend P. offers lodging in Buenos Aires, so I say, “why not?” Tim, P. and I are flying down in diciembre. (Summertime south of the border? Sí, por favor!)


October 19th: A little trek is made to Huntersville to see Gus…and my mom and T. We go out for pizza and just do nothing for a few hours.


October 25th: York gets engaged. I ate at least 4 famous Dixon cookies at the event. York, will you learn to make these?


November 1st: One of my students struts into our 8 am section 25 minutes late, wearing half a Halloween costume. I lose it, doubling over laughing until I cry. Making it through Friday morning is usually tough enough without the party of the year the night before…

November 2nd: I get feedback on a paper: “You use too informal a language.” BAH, school. And just as I was thinking I might stick around a few more years. I still would like to consider the Ph.D., but let’s just say, there’s a LOT left to learn.

And here we are on November 4th. Listening to even more María Gadú than before. I still don’t speak a lick of Portuguese, but I can sing it…

Lots of love to you all! (And cheers to more group dinners!) Image




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