Barefoot Bachelorette

photo-131Next Saturday, M. is getting married.

To celebrate, we went for mojitos on the Mall and some delicious tacos at Mono Loco. (Wouldn’t you know there was a second bachelorette party there, too?)

There were no particularly crazy antics–just 13 ladies celebrating friendship and the first marriage of the crew. (That said, we did have a little fun with a gift basket and a few unmentionables.) Mostly, we just sat, chatted, plucking M&Ms from a big glass dish and sipping water, wine, or Arnold Palmers.


We were lucky enough to spend the night at the Lodge, Y.’s Nelson county retreat. I only wish we had more time to soak in the late summer air, the past-due conversations with old friends, and a feeling of relaxation and joy.

All of us are happy for M. and J. beyond words and looking forward to a beautiful wedding this weekend. Best wishes!

Sometimes, I don’t photograph well.


At Mono Loco


Everyone’s favorite moose 
Breakfast at the Lodge
Same old gang, new life stories.

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