Just Beachy.


Hiking between Es Grau and Sa Torreta.

My cousin G. is coming to Spain in 5 days and we’re taking a little trip to Morocco. What makes me want to pinch myself is that I can still remember sitting on my red rug in Carrboro, mid-March, booking tickets for this trip thinking, “Oh! It’s so far off and I really should be working on that paper!” Then, I blinked and year one ended, I’ve been in Spain almost two months, and jeepers, it’s almost July!

Now that I’m at the equator of this trip to Spain, it seems like the right time to sit down and reflect on what I’m learning here. The first week was an adjustment-culture shock even (which was unexpected seeing as this España deal is no new trick for me). But then, I settled in and found my rhythm. I’m not sure whether it’s the extra summertime vitamin D, a long-distance relationship turned VERY short distance, or the release from the stress of teaching/classes/reading/writing, but I feel really good. The stars are aligned right now and though I don’t know what August 15th is going to feel like, I’m hoping this summer is recharging me for one more year of big things! 

And, just so you can follow along, here are some weekend snapshots.

Celebrating C. spending her first night in her new house! WoOt WOot! 


We hang out.


R.’s friend T., the Dutch girls, and yours truly.


¿Guess who?


R.’s bro and gf headed off into the sunset in style!


Octopus!                                                                               Not an octopus! 




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