Nits al Carrer in Mahón…

Tuesday nights in the summertime mean street music in Mahón. Bands post up around the city (playing an inordinate amount of blues!) and tourists and locals alike make the rounds, sometimes stopping at a bar to grab a drink and watch the scene nearby. Dinner at home ensures you get to the acts quickly-er.

Exhibit A: Dinner at home (things I wouldn’t have touched with a 10-foot pole 3 years ago, I can now at least approach–squid [I just like the sauce.] and mussels [I tolerate]) 



Exhibit 2: Blues!Image

Or, if you’re like me, you grab a cone of chocolate gelato and head to the Claustre, where some Spaniards will butcher English pronunciation of the blues and play the harmonica in avarques (ok, so I’m not sure he was actually wearing typical Menorcan shoes, but it was at least a little out of place seeing renditions of BB KING in Mahón).

Matching skirts (recently-purchased and slightly-overpricedfor their gauze-like quality)

are optional. Image

In other news this week, my dad, C., and R. are making their second trip to Spain! I’m getting visitors in July! All this means is that far too much time has been spent on airbnb and far too little time on much else. My saving grace has been my little MWF pilates class right up the street, which means I get off my arse at least a little bit. (I can touch my toes again!)

Until next time!


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