A little mid-week visit to Es Grau

Since I think my readers would turn to more exciting blogs if I started posting what I do on a normal day (make my coffee, spread exhorbantly priced peanut butter on my toast, sit down and read and surf People online…and then read school stuff…), I’ve decided to post some beach day photos instead. 

R.’s friend from VLC is here for the week and so we’re taking advantage of her time to do a few excursiones. This week, we hit up Es Grau and did some serious rock scrambling. As you know, going to the beach with R. usually implies hiking, crawling, plowing through some brush…and walking past at least 3 other perfectly nice beach spots (kind of like not buying an ice cream at the first three ice cream shops because one had only yellow jimmies, one had only red, and one had only blue, and you really wanted multicolored!)

Where was I? 

Oh, at the beach. So, we drove the green Euro-bug-car to a beach called Es Grau (which is the word in Catalan for the place where salt water and fresh water converge), walked to the tower (about a 40-minute trek), navigated over some exceptionally spiky rocks, went for a dip (the water is finally a suitable temp for a feeble-boned girl like myself), and had some reading time (don’t fault me…I was sick of reading so I just listened to this week’s This American Life podcast). 

Naturally, we took some photos, for your viewing pleasure (and mine).

On our way to the moon to the beach.


M. and R. 


Ish: how I feel about the beach. (Actually, what AM I doing here?)


Exhibit B: How we feel about the beach. (Isn’t M. a cutie pie?) 


In front of the tower, adjusting pre-photo op.


R. couldn’t stop goofing around, so the 8 pictures we have turned out like this:


Oh, and this isn’t Es Grau, but this is a Boo-tee-full hotel rural about 5 minutes (walking) from R.’s house.



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