R., occasionally, is interested in the fact that I blog about our adventures. We’ll be walking somewhere nice and I’ll reach for my camera and he’ll say, “¡Fotoblog!” in a mock-heavy-Spanglish accent, always [joking and] proclaiming, “No pictures here”.

But, yesterday afternoon I simply couldn’t resist.

First though, I’ll tell you a little about our morning; R. and I spent some time doing little projects around his new house. Well, some of the projects were little. When the truck driver came down the little gravel road to his house and backed into the yard, which-not-insignificantly-was damp from several nights of heavy rain, to drop off the large, metal container for the disposal of tons of rusted iron sommiers around the property…well, it doesn’t take a genius to guess what happened. Truck-stuck. Thankfully, the neighbors came around with a Kubota tractor older than the Talaiots on the island, and laced it up to the truck and chugged like the Little Engine That Could. One veïna even rode up on her donkey (I can’t make this stuff up!)-though she didn’t pull; she was just there to watch. With some pushing and shoving: Truck-unstuck.

We had lunch at a homely bar in Es Migjorn and went over to P.’s house for an infusión. Later, R. and I went on our usual afternoon walk, which was unusually spectacular. Everything is green, overgrown, and all-around jungle-y right now because of the truck-stuck-rain that’s been coming down, making our excursion even more Indiana-Jonesy. The wildflowers were like nothing I’ve ever seen- 1-800-Flowers ain’t got nothing on Menorca in the spring! I couldn’t resist picking a few to make a bouquet.

Emerging from the trail about 20 minutes after we started, we came out in front of a beach…a real beach with huge waves (thanks to the blustery day) and some nice chunks of driftwood to boot. On our way back, R. even was so kind to show me his favorite cistern (I know you all have a favorite cistern, too).

Oh, and because I’m a fool, my good camera may be out of commission for the summer (I brought the wrong charger). But, thankfully, iPhones aren’t so bad and this can still be a fotoblog, not just a talkyblog.

(I’ve ducked out of working with R. today because I told him I’d be reading…I guess I should get back to that now. Hope you enjoy the photos!)

Approaching the beach. Classic R.

Wildflowers! Holy guacamole. A bouquet of glory.  


Real waves! Real driftwood! And REALLY dirty jeans. 


Driftwood: Take 2. 


Las flores y yo.



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