I made it! Lengthy, but unproblematic, the trip from Carrboro to Maó (by way of C’ville, D.C. and a couple other places) was uneventful. For those of you who count, like me, this was trip number 7 to the land of tortilla, vino tinto, and summer ‘skeeters.

My summer project is a huge reading list, which I already feel like I am lagging on. (I’m going to write that off as “first-week adjustment” and say that this week will be better. Good news? The reading spot I’ve found at the local library is near-ideal–quiet, abundant and fast wireless, and bathrooms on all floors.

In other news, since I took a mega-siesta yesterday (yes, I’m more and more convinced the “S” in Spain stands for sleep), I woke up at the entirely un-Peninsular hour of, like, 6:30 or something this lovely Monday morning. 

Did I mention there are FOURTEEN people staying at R.’s house right now? So, the beautiful thing about being the first one up is that it doesn’t seem like 14 personatges are here right now. Just me. And a really clean kitchen.

C., on of R.’s friends, has become my new amiga. I haven’t been able to ponder life so much and catch up on good girly gossip outside of the east coast since L.R. and I took two hour strolls in the río in Valencia. She’s two years older, finishing up her master’s in London, and Dutch, not to mention her not-so-usual life story that she’s open to sharing. It’s a bummer she’s headed out this week, but C.’ll be back since she’s buying a house here (and wants to turn it into….wait for it…..a youth hostel! Great minds!)

Also since arriving: seen a so-so flamenco show (don’t be confused; flamenco is NOT typical of Menorca), gone into the water waist-deep a couple of times, perused shoe stores, and chipped away at my first paid translation job. 

If I can get my act together, I might send out a post-card or two this week. Bug me if you want one (I know the grandmommy’s will, so just add your name to the list and I’d be thrilled to send ya some island love.)

Hope you have a spectacular start to your week and as usual, thanks for reading along.

 Walking home from a trendy little sandwich/jam session spot called Agape. Image

¡Quillo! ¿Flamenco in Menorca?


A lovely reading spot (with a lovely collection for a town of 28,000!)Image



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