happy endings

I get the feeling that usually, when I’m about to make the trek across the Atlantic {ya know, in my hiking boots n’stuff}, I am excited about the new beginnings and the array of experiences waiting for me.

This time, I can’t help but to think about the year (er, 9 months) I have behind me during which time, I’ve written about ~155 pages, give or take a few. Whatever it is, the number is strictly out-of-character from someone who avoided undergraduate writing courses like playground kids avoid cooties. I flipped though [if not, read] 4 bazillion books, articles, and wiki pages (give or take a few), and learned lots of new names, faces, and places.

Even more recently, in the past two weeks, I’ve celebrated with classmates at my professor’s house (homemade paella with Valencian rice made by a Peruvian-Mexican? Two servings please!), eaten in two new-to-me restaurants in C’ville with dear high school friends and taken one good walk with a college amiga (who, so kindly, joined my family and I for dinner at the new eatery at the golf club nearby where we were at least 40% of the people eating dinner there…)

Anyhoo. All that to say, this semester has ended so nicely. And as for the summer, we’ll just see what’s next!

(And p.s., the photos are a little mismatchy, but better something than nothing…)

Celebrating 80 years of my grandfather’s life. (He was quite pleased with the cake!)


One last circuit around Crozetia. Not a bad place, come to think of it. (And HAY, LR!)


And a little Españamérica in the U.S. (even a guitar. Shocking, I know)



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