Not-too-big happenings…

This morning, I opened the file Spanish 105 to review my last powerpoint of the semester with my students. Yesterday, my Tuesday evening class wrapped up with an interesting critique of modern publishing in Latin America (In sum: the newer books aren’t always the better books. That, and the fact that I think I’ll be quite happy if I never read another novel about the Mexican Revolution for the next decade, at least!). Though I still have two papers (one to finish, one to polish) before I can officially say I made it, from another perspective HOLYFREAKINCOWZ! A couple more days of work and I have a YEAR of this gig under my belt. 

In other news?

My roommate’s BFF was sharing stories about how she squeaked through high school Spanish with a B by doing outrageous extra credit assignments. Imagine: Dressing as Don Quixote and memorizing ten facts about him, etc. Another time, she prepared a typical dish for the class…but since she can’t quite pronounce beef empanadas, these little delicious stuffed, savory pies, she called them beef empiñatas…and both K. and I doubled over laughing imagining the YouTube video that you could make with a beef piñata. (“Okay, everybody! Hold out your tortillas! We’re about to hit the piñata!) Language can be fun.

And in other news? I’ll get to see the family this week! My mom’s coming up for a quick visit on Thursday (which means she’ll get to see my Master’s equipo and I in action) and I’ll get to see the others in C’ville c/o a lovely bridal shower honoring my friend MFM, soon to be MMB.

Oh, and for the record, being done with winter is the best thing ever.

Two weeks, R.! See ya soon 🙂


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