A Tuesday Playlist

I’ve been up since six today. For some of us, that’s sleeping in and for others, 6 am belongs to the night before. 

I got up to work on some reading and now, I’m taking a break. I made my favorite Yogi tea and took a walk around the block. Before I scoot off on my bike (which I had fixed yesterday, so hopefully the front wheel will come off less frequently), I wanted to listen to a few tunes. 

Here’s my recommended Tuesday listening:

1. She’s Always a Woman to Me: Billy Joel

Kinda slow, but pretty and piano-y. Plus, clicking on Billy Joel always leads you to some of his fun stuff, too!

2. La Guagua: Celia Cruz

If you understand Spanish, the lyrics are hysterical. Basically, all the things you should NOT do in line for the bus, sung by one of the finest salsa singers. 

3. Midnight Train to Georgia: Gladys Night

Soul music, I’m convinced, is so names because it’s good for the soul. 

4. En el Muelle de San Blas: Maná

This band is like Sting in Spanish. So cool. 

5. Aquellas Pequeñas Cosas: Mercedes Sosa


6. Vola: Txarango

Catalan is a funky sounding language and this song sounds nice and weird at the beginning and then smooths out and goes all POP-y.

7. Why Can’t We: Asa

Asa is great. Her songs are happy, upbeat, and ecelectic.

8. Algun Día: Julieta Venegas

Listen to the concert vision and you feel part of the crowd.

9. Amor Marinero: Macaco

You’ll crave salt water. Guaranteed. (Margaritas optional).

10. Mambo Mambi: Orquesta Riverside

TRY not to dance in your office to this one.

What do you think? 

(I’m always looking for new suggestions too!)



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