Phrom Philly, with brotherly love.

Pardon my absence.

It seems that all of my free time recently went to sleeping, eating, and watching Downton Abbey. Now that spring is just around the corner, I think I’m ready to emerge from hibernation again. (Also, ¿who in their right mind likes winter? It is not the season for me.)
My second semester as an MA student is now more than halfway through and I was just spoiled with a week off in one of my favorite places, Valencia (though, R. and I did take a little field trip into Castelló and Teruel; stay tuned!). Somehow, trips to Spain always recharge me; I don’t think I’m solar-powered, but I could swear the Mediterranean sun moves some molecules around in me. I always arrive with grand plans to work (read, write, email), but end up being swept up by seas of conversations with new people, long morning walks, and, lest we forget, the paella. Surprisingly, though I felt stressed by the minimal time actually spent doing what I planned to do (writing a term paper), I’m realizing now that I’m going home in a pretty good place (introduction, thesis, and thorough outline? check!). What seemed very intimidating to me at the beginning of the semester (AHHH! Thousands of pages of books! Hours and hours writing!) now seems manageable. Though I may not recognize it when it’s happening (kind of like how you can’t feel yourself get taller), I think I am learning what I came to learn in grad school; with every page I write, I become a more efficient researcher and a more effective communicator.

School progress notes aside, right now I’m sitting on a marble floor in Barajas, Terminal A (and right right now, I’m in Philly, hence the title). Should you ever visit, you will find it is the bleakest scene for anyone looking for breakfast or a magazine. Thankfully, I had stashed a treat from a bakery in Sueca, a few oranges from the huerto, and two back editions of the weekly newsmagazine that comes with El País. The flight home is long and the seats are cramped so it might serve me well to go take a lap before we start boarding, not to mention with the coffee I just had…well, you catch my drift. If my battery holds out, I’ll try to work on a few blog posts on the plane so I won’t leave you stranded on my blog any longer. Even writing this reminds me how much my brain needs stream of consciousness writing every now and again; though it’s great to know how to state your idea and support it, there’s also some magic in chaos-a lesson I learn every time I come back to Spain.

Until next time, dear reader(s).

LR, I knew you wouldn’t leave the city without a picture from Fallas, so neither did I. ¡Fallas!


A little post-Bodeguilla walk. (Thanks for sponsoring a nice last night dinner, Dad!)
Post-Bodeguilla Ramble


The best view in Polinyà with the typical suspects…
The best view in Polinyà


Jet Lagged Amor.



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