When I was 17, my friends and I would all meet in someone’s basement to watch a fast-paced TV show called 24. Now, I’m in a different state, at a different stage, in a different school and 24 is now not a TV show, but my AGE! This past weekend was one of those lucky years when my birthday fell on a Saturday and the first birthday in 3 years for which I’ve been Stateside.

I’d call it a rotund success; near perfect equilibrio amongst all of my favorite things-a little light socializing at our department “japi aur” (Happy Hour, spelled phonetically in Spanish) at a local (and cheap!) bar, a nice long walk in the woods with Y., granola-crunchy lunching at Weaver St., nail painting (with some hilarious interactions between Y. and the persistent and petite woman who tried to convince us to go for the “milk and honey” pedicure no less than ten times), taco truck-ing and a great movie (Albert Norris-two thumbs up!). Phone calls came in all day and there is quite possibly no greater birthday gift than knowing others are wishing you the best as you kick off a new year of life.

Sunday, I got the day to myself to get back in the swing of things (a.k.a. take a nap!) and get a head start on my week’s readings. Calm, but celebratory, I don’t think I could’ve done better! Thanks for all of the bon rotllo, buenos deseos, and happy thoughts!

Strawberry nails forever!

Perfect timing! Room for four (for the record: two ladies went with pink, two with blue and bet you can’t guess who!)


Tacos! Authentic and delicious.

R., remember this?

Y. and me.

Every fresh taco need a fresh lime!


Y., G. and Mom. Always fun to share your favorite spots!



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