Marathon Monday

Last night I couldn’t sleep.

This morning, I woke up giddy.

It feels like Christmas around here! Santa’s far from arriving, but grad school Papa Noel comes today and is bringing me the last day of the semester. Ho ho ho, indeed! It’s a strange feeling, one that resides somewhere between “this is fenomenal” and “what the narices do I do with myself now?” (I know. How ’bout read some more? Creative idea, right?)

As a student, the official end was last night, around 7 pm, when I sent my teaching methods instructor my take-home final. Two terms papers had been submitted the day before and that was that. Now, I’m in the in-between space, finished-but-without-a-clue as to how “well” I have done. Never in my life have I done work like this before; I have absolutely nothing to compare it to. It’s also too soon to really look back on the semester and try to figure out what I’ve learned; right now, all of the “skills” I’ve acquired evade description. Intangible.

As a teacher, my last day is today, Marathon Monday. My beloved students, the ones I will always remember as being victims of participants in my first-semester enthusiasm, take their final today. I am proud of them! Then, Christmas radio (or maybe João Gilberto) will play for a few hours as my colleagues and I hammer out final grades. Two more stops (volunteering as a medical Spanish evaluator and a final visit with my tutee) will then be the only thing that separate me from three hours on the open road where I will struggle to find a decent station and a way to avoid John Law and his 15 brothers who post speeding traps between here and C’ville. (But, Mom, I DON’T speed!)

I should get to packing my lunch. Can’t be late for the exam!

(P.S. If you’ve ever wondered what would be the appropriate thing to wear to a Tacky Christmas/80s party, see inspiration below!)



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