Meet My Lunchbox.

The title is a bit of a misnomer; today, you are not going to meet my beloved green polka-dot lunchbox, but rather E.’s. E. is interview #2 in my on-going “Who’s that grad student?” interview series. (In case you missed the first one, click here). E. studies public health; specifically, nutrition. She’ll actually be an RD and an MPH when she graduates (the more letters, the better!)

So, it was a perfect choice to photograph her lunchbox for question one: a picture that represents you.Lunchbox

Favorite non-American food: I really like miso soup. Not my favorite of all time, probably. [a few seconds later]. I really like things that are fermented. [We both share a love for tempeh.]

Five words about why you are here: I like food and learning. [This is where she specified that her field is nutrition, not just general combinations of food and learning like essay writing at a coffee shop.]

What you expect to learn by the end of your MPH: I expect to have a better idea of what’s really important. Prioritizing. Sometimes I prioritize school over other things that are more beneficial. Also, should my future child…[starts a new sentence] I’d like to tell them things they can eat. [Another new idea, reconsidering the topic of telling people what to eat.] Though, you can’t give that advice to people unbidden.

Thanks for your interview, E.! I learned something new about you. 

RafaspancakeIn other food news, R., who had a disastrous first experience with pancakes ca. Last Christmas (it had something to do with mistaking a scoop of butter for a scoop of ice cream), made a surprising choice for our last breakfast together at the co-op I so love. Of all of the things, he zeroed and and said, “I want those,” and picked up two blueberry flapjacks, drowned them in maple syrup, and left the plate crumblessly clean. It was a little symbolic-sort of like the first time I made tostadas con aceite de oliva instead of my normal morning oatmeal in VLC. There’s nothing quite so nice as cultural exchange.



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