Carrboro Saturday

What can you do in Carrboro on a beautiful Saturday in Autumn?

For starters, I’d recommend sleeping in (’till 9 or so) and brerwing a good cup of coffee +  making PB & B toast. Then, you could go on an art walk. This weekend and next, artists in Orange county are opening their studios to passerbys, nosey folks, and art connosieurs alike. Today, R. and I visited three: a sculptor, a pen + ink artist, and a painter.

They welcome you in with smiles, warm apple cider, homemade cookies, and vanilla Oreos.

They tell you stories. Like the chess man and how this sculpture has sentimental value because Mike (the artist) finished it on his 50th birthday, and how he sat there on the bench with the Metal Man and smoked a cigar and celebrated.

You can keep walking and peek around their workshop, see the splatters of paint on the wall, and get inspired. Creativity is contagious. Passion is contagious. These people have it in droves.

On your way home, you might make a stop at the Carrboro Farmers’ Market. You are probably going to get stopped by a few people outside of Town Hall asking you if you’ve voted yet; you smile, nod, tell them you did. (Sidenote: This granola crunchy town is quite politically active. There was a LINE of people waiting to vote this Saturday morning and it’s not even election day yet! Hip hip hooray for civic engagement.)

You could chat with a few farm-types and steep yourself in veggie reverie. 4 baby squash for 80 cents! Your drooling and wide eyes might attract the attention of the guy who runs the gluten-free bakery stand. “Half-off those chocolate cookies since we’re closing up.” Even though you’re not gluten-free (see the aforementioned PB&B toast for evidence.), you might just get them anyway.

By the time you get home, it’s time to chop up the goods, toss them with a little salt and EVOO and call it a lunch.

One last thing…

Since you’re still a student, it might be a good idea to wake-up from your half-nap, finish your blog post, and finally start doing some real work.

(Off I go!)















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