A Day at the Circus



Some people work in schools.

Some people work in offices, or gas stations, or at telemarketing centers.

I think I work at a circus. A freak show it is not, but a circus just might be an apt description. The day of a grad student is a series of performances; today, I was on stage as student and teacher (though, confusingly, in the class in which I was a student, we discussed teaching.) Each class is a show; you ooh and ahh and think, “I’ve never seen that before!” Each professor has an act, a specialty- except instead of spitting fire, he talks about the Inquisition (which sometimes involved fires, I suppose) and instead of sawing herself in half, she talks about Interstitial Spaces in Literature (which I have still yet to understand, so I’ve left it with Capital Letters with the Hope they might lend it an Academic Aire.)

And the people! The other students like me are an interesting bunch. Everyone has a “that time I was abroad” story and another about “that time my student sent me a snarky e-mail and OH BOY you shoulda seen my response.” To top it of 99.9% of them are just plain nice.

So, I’ve decided to include a mini-interview feature on the blog so you get to know them us. Today, I talked with A. She’s another first-year Spanish student, recently married to a cute Guatemalan, and a great pleasure to share an office with.


A picture that represents you: 

A stack of books

Favorite non-American food:

Salsa from San Luis Mexican Restaurant.

Five words about why you are here:

future/ learning/ fear/ purpose/ last-resort

(We made an exception on that last one…)

What you expect to learn by the end of this MA:

How to make a good future for myself. The biggest things are about how to live my life better, rather than studying Los Trastámara or Postcolonialism, but don’t tell the professors that.


Thanks A.! 

Stay tuned…more interviews to come. Until then, I’m back to enjoying Fall in Chapel Thrill!



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