Soft Opening

A few weeks ago, something strange happened and the Roamin’ Redhead stopped writing. Maybe it happened at the point when the work load of grad school started to really pile up and finishing a presentation on García Márquez seemed more important than a little post on the blog. Maybe it was the fact that Google said I had no more photo space* and really, what’s a blog without photos? Or maybe being able to call friends and family fo’ free meant it was less useful to write about my day. The old platform just wasn’t fitting in with the new place; round peg, square hole.

But, something felt a little empty. Things that deserve a post are still happening. Travels both big and small are still in the works.

1. Fall: My first wild show of Nature’s colors since 2009.

2. An engagement! (Congratulation’s Marge!)

3. The discovery of Foodie Mecca: Weaver Street Market. The Mexi-tienda with baked goods like Spain. The taco truck (where you order in Spanish, of course!)

4. A transcontinental visit. We’ll leave that one at that.

etcetera etcetera

And so, here I am, finding myself ready to blog again. Yes, I am planning on traveling again (but, it probably won’t be happening until June 2013 and it involves learning a new language). Yes, I am planning on studying abroad again (but this time as the Residence Director- interview is next week! I might just be able to see this house when I’m there.) BUT, don’t be fooled-the majority of the time, I’ll probably be just cruisin’ around Carrboro, writing about things worth observing.

The Roamin’ Redhead is back, folks.

Circa 2010. Lanzarote.




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